The Research and Development phase represents the disruptive driving force of Metse Textile activity for fashion. A specially dedicated team takes care of capturing trends at an international level and of studying cutting-edge solutions, in order to always offer customers a new creative point of view.

The careful study of previous works, traveling around the world, the observation of trendy shop, a continuous quality control of the fabrics and the rest of the supply chain are the essential elements that give life to the wealth of knowledge made available by Metse Textile, in an all-encompassing mix of history and innovation, networking with suppliers, customers and partners.


Translating the apparel design into reality: this is the task of the Metse Textile modeling office, which gives life to the ideas of the designers by offering them the best solutions to optimize looks and wearability.


The first essential production test, the creation of a prototype allows to verify the feasibility and the outcome of the solutions agreed in the design phase, before starting the complete production.


The advanced Metse Textile production circuit includes all stages of the process: cutting, packaging and finishing, without neglecting the part of prints and embroideries carried out in collaboration with the most renowned Istanbul companies, up to the ironing phase. An overview of the supply chain that allows us to focus on the quality of every detail but always with maximum flexibility and versatility, to adapt to every need. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to obtain a complete service and total control of the individual steps, for a final result that perfectly meets the initial expectations.


Once the packaging process is finished, completed garments are subjected to the latest strict quality controls. Once the perfect execution has been verified, the garments are then packaged and shipped according to the agreed methods.